243 Ways Games Revolutionize Microgaming Slots

The Dark Knight SlotFor decades, slot machines have been all about paylines: the line patterns that you need to land your symbols on in order to score wins. On a typical five-reel slot, for instance, you might need to hit three symbols in a row on one of 20 or 30 different line patterns in order to win a prize. Players normally don’t have to play every line, and have to pay at least one coin for each line they choose to play.

But in recent years, some new formats have been tried by slot machine manufacturers. The most successful of these has been the “243 Ways” slot machines that were first innovated by Microgaming. While other gaming creators have made slots that use the same or similar formats, Microgaming was the originator of this style of play, and so we’re going to focus on their games today.

In a 243 Ways machine, players are no longer restricted by an arbitrary number of paylines. Instead, players pay one single price and are automatically given access to every single possible combination of symbols running from left to right across the reels. Essentially, every potential payline becomes active, and since most slot machines have three rows of symbols displayed on each of the five reels, that means there are 243 different ways to win – or three to the fifth power.

While there are now several different 243 Ways games, we think a few stand out above the rest as truly great games. Here are our picks for the best 243 Ways games on the market:

Thunderstruck II

This was the first high-profile 243 Ways slot machine, and is still one of the best today. The follow-up to the tremendously popular game Thunderstruck, this machine features many of the gods and other figures that are central to Norse mythology (learn more). You’ll have encounters with Thor, Loki, and other familiar names. With four different themed bonus rounds related to gods and valkyries, this is one game that you’ll never get tired of.

The Dark Knight

If you loved The Dark Knight and the other recent Batman movies, this is the slot machine for you. Faithful to the source material, this game features an amazingly cinematic background to the reels that will have you traveling around Gotham City while you play. You can also count on both the Joker and Batman himself showing up, either of whom can help you win big when they decide to make a random appearance after any spin. As an added bonus, you can also access the famous Mega Jackpot from The Dark Knight slot machine, giving you the chance to win millions on every spin!

Immortal Romance

This slot machine combines both the great features of 243 Ways slot machines and the red hot vampire romance stories that have become some of the most popular tales in books, television and movies in recent years. Immortal Romance is a slot machine that features one of the most detailed storylines we’ve seen in a gambling game, with characters that feel like they have real personalities. Each of the game’s four bonus rounds – one for each main character – features an original song to go along with it, meaning that this is a slot machine that actually has its own soundtrack! Combine that with some truly wild features, and it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular Microgaming slots around

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888 Casino Launches Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street SlotIf you were around in 1984 – or if you’re just a fan of horror and slasher films in general – you’re likely to be intimately familiar with A Nightmare on Elm Street, the Wes Craven film that started a franchise which spawned about a dozen sequels. While most movies in this genre aren’t generally considered classics by critics, A Nightmare on Elm Street was instantly praised and remains a classic for horror fans to this day. Now, 888 Casino has launched an exclusive Nightmare on Elm Street slot machine that will thrill audiences worldwide jut in time for the Halloween season.

Play Elm Street Here Get £88 Free No Deposit Needed

For those not familiar with the film, A Nightmare on Elm Street tells the story of several teenagers in the small town of Springwood, Ohio. They find that they’re beginning to have strange dreams involving a burned and disfigured man. Soon, the dreams turn deadly, as those having the dreams are killed by the mysterious Freddy Krueger. They soon learn that their parents know exactly who Krueger is, and that he is even more deadly than they imagine.

The Nightmare on Elm Street slot machine features all of the same horrifying action as the movie, and also features the same spectacular cast. You’ll see symbols representing most of the movie’s stars throughout the film, as well as a number of video and sound clips from the movie that promise to make this slot machine a truly scary experience – at least when you’re not busy winning big.

And players can definitely win some huge prizes on this machine. It’s a five-reel, 30-payline slot machine that features not one but two exclusive jackpots that can be triggered at any time. The object, of course, is to match symbols running from left to right across the reels on your active paylines. The symbols are a mixture of the classic poker rank symbols of tens through kings (stylishly represented as being drawn with blood against a white wall background), Freddy himself, and many of the other stars of the film.

Players can also get the chance to win big in a long bonus round that promises to thrill those who can make it through each step of this game. There are four stages to this bonus round, each holding bigger, exciting prizes…if you can avoid a run-in with Freddy Krueger!

As an added bonus, 888 Casino is throwing in some special bonuses throughout the month of October that are themed around A Nightmare on Elm Street. The whole month is devoted to the movie and the new game, and is based around the same advice the kids in the movie took to heart: don’t fall asleep! Throughout the month, there will be new bonus offers and prizes awarded every night from 9 pm to 6 am GMT. This means that night owls will definitely have the best chances to take advantage of these great deals. There will also be a weekly horror trivia challenge that will give you a chance to win tickets into weekly raffles.

The Nightmare on Elm Street slot machine might just hold true to the film’s promise that you’ll never sleep again – but only because you’ll be having too much fun playing the game. A Nightmare on Elm Street is now available exclusively at 888 Casino.

Update On Biggest Slots Jackpots: October 2012

Arabian NightsNo matter how many new slot machines are released every month, we know what brings players back to play again and again: the huge slots jackpots that can instantly award players with millions on one lucky spin. With hundreds of jackpot slots out there, it can be hard to figure out exactly which games offer you the biggest and best prizes.

We’ve taken a look at all of the major jackpots out there and found the five that currently offer the biggest rewards for players looking to make a huge score this week. Here’s a quick look at each of the top five slots jackpots available at online casinos today!

Arabian Nights (NetEnt)

One of the classic Net Entertainment slot machines, this Arabian themed jackpot hasn’t been hit in over six weeks. That means that the jackpot is currently at its highest value ever, with a prize of over €8.2 million currently available to the lucky player who hits it. If you’re looking for one game that can instantly change your life, this is the one to shoot for!

Hall of Gods (NetEnt)

Sticking with Net Entertainment here, the Hall of Gods slot machine is another great choice for those looking to make a big score this week. With a jackpot that currently stands at over €6.4 million, it too is at an all time high, and hasn’t been hit in more than seven months! As an added bonus, this giant slots jackpot is available to all players at any Net Entertainment casino sites, while the Arabian Nights one above is actually one of two jackpots on that game (Unibet casinos have a smaller Arabian Nights jackpot, though that one is still quite valuable, coming in at over €1.8 million). For many players, this makes Hall of Gods the best slots jackpot value around.

Mega Fortune (NetEnt)

That’s right: we’re starting off with three different Net Entertainment slots! It just so happens that these NetEnt machines haven’t been hit in a while, and that means huge jackpots for the lucky players who do happen to play at the right time. While the Mega Fortune slot is probably the signature jackpot game at NetEnt casinos, it’s currently the smallest of the three NetEnt games we’re looking at today. But don’t let that dissuade you: it’s still holding a jackpot worth nearly €5.6 million, which is more than enough to make your day a good one. With the other two jackpots above attracting lots of attention, this might be the perfect time to swoop in and take the Mega Fortune prize.

MegaJackpots (IGT/Wagerworks)

The MegaJackpots jackpot is always big, so it’s no surprise to see this game on our list. The jackpot for this group of machine currently stands at nearly £3.5 million, and can be won by playing any of three games: Cleopatra, Cluedo and Monopoly. No matter which of these machines you hit the jackpot on, the entirety of that prize is yours to keep!

Mega Moolah (Microgaming)

Everyone loves the Mega Moolah jackpot. Traditionally one of the largest prizes in the industry, it can now be won on a variety of different machines, ranging from several differently-themed Mega Moolah machines (the original game, along with games like Mega Moolah Isis and Mega Moolah Summertime) to the new Dark Knight slot machine, any of these games can earn you a prize of over $3.6 million.

Top New Playtech Slots of 2012

PlaytechWhile they don’t typically feature the most impressive slots from a technological perspective, Playtech is known for providing lots of fun, solid slot machines that consistently make players happy time and time again. They may not have the bells and whistles you’ll find from other slots developers, but when it comes to gameplay, they simply can’t be beat.

It’s been a relatively slow year for Playtech in terms of new slots releases, but there have been a few notable games that you might have missed when they were first released.

Here’s a look at a few of the top Playtech slots released so far in 2012!

Daring Dave and the Eye of Ra

This brand new game might be the most exciting Playtech slot of the year. It’s a five-reel, 30-payline machine that takes you on an adventure through Egypt, as Daring Dave himself attempts to track down the mysterious Eye of Ra. This game has immediately become a standout or its deep bonus rounds – especially the Quest for the Eye of Ra, which features three separate stages offering progressively bigger rewards. Of course, getting through all three rounds in one try is a lot to ask for, so Daring Dave and the Eye of Ra has the ability to remember where you left off and allow you to take over from there. That’s a great incentive to keep playing, as huge prizes are always just around the corner!

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Top Trumps Celebs

While previous Top Trumps games had featured some of the biggest starts in the sporting world, one area that hadn’t been explored much – by any game – was the world of entertainment. Top Trumps Celebs changed this by using some of the world’s biggest celebrities as symbols on the reels, making it a joy to play for anyone obsessed with the world’s most familiar faces.

The game is a five-reel, 20-payline slot machine that’s all about the fame and fortune that comes with being a celebrity. The stars are…well, stars, ranging from Owen Wilson and Sean Connery to 50 Cent and Johnny Depp. The celebrity symbols are all worth serious cash, while other symbols offer smaller prizes. The Hollywood feel is further bolstered by bonus rounds like the Red Carpet Bonus, in which you’ll get instant prize money just by picking from your favorite celebrities.

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Wild Games

Do you miss the excitement and pageantry of the Summer Olympics? London 2012 may be long over, but many of the games that were created to celebrate those games are still around. One of the more entertaining Olympic-themed slots that popped up this year was Wild Games, a Playtech machine that featured cartoonish animals competing in an Olympics of their own. There’s a bulldog swimmer, a hippopotamus on the balance beat, and a cheetah running almost as fast as Usain Bolt on the track.

One of the real big draws of Wild Games is the Olympic-themed bonus rounds. For instance, there’s a Win a Medal Bonus that allows you to get instant rewards based on which medal you receive. There are also a series of games based on the animals and the events they’re competing in, each of which can earn you instant prizes, free spins, and multipliers.

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Microgaming Announces New Games for October

Phantom CashUntil the last week or so, it had been a slow couple of months in the online slots world. Not many new games were being released, and some of us were beginning to wonder when the next wave of new titles would start hitting casino sites. Well, it looks like the answer has come, as we’ve seen a number of new machines released this week, as well as many scheduled for the weeks to follow.

Leading the way is Microgaming, which has scheduled three different games for an early October release. We profiled one of these games earlier this week: The Twisted Circus, a big top-themed game that features circus freaks, a ring master, and (most importantly of all) plenty of big prizes.

Today, though, we want to focus on the other games you’ll be seeing at Microgaming casino sites in the near future. Here are two more new releases that you’ll be sure to enjoy!

You can play The Twisted Circus Free Here

Phantom Cash

Here’s a ghost-themed slot machine that’ll be coming out right on time for Halloween! In this five-reel, 25-payline machine, you’ll travel along with a pair of ghost hunters known as Thurmingham and Carstairs as they chase some of the nastiest spirits around. One of the features that Microgaming has teased is a Ghost Zap that allows players to instantly double their winnings. Each of the ghost hunters is represented by separate symbols, and hitting them both at the same time is sure to bring even bigger rewards. With a free spins feature and entertaining special effects, Phantom Cash should be one of the more popular games coming out this fall.

The Joy of Six

Craps is a great game, but if you’ve never played it before, it can look really confusing. It’s a game that’s actually not that hard to learn, but if you don’t want to get into all the intricacies of this casino classic, why not just try The Joy of Six, a slot machine with a craps theme? This game will have a number of different bonus features, including one in which you’ll get to roll the dice in order to win even more cash. The entire game has the feel of a real craps game, including cheering players and other appropriate sound effects. And no craps-themed game would be complete without the chance to gamble up your winnings, so you’ll have the option to double or even quadruple your winnings after every spin. The Joy of Six is exclusive to the Microgaming Viper platform, meaning it’ll be found in the Flash versions of Microgaming casinos.

Along with those slots, we’d also like to give a quick mention to another new Microgaming game that was recently released: Max Damage and the Alien Attack. While it’s not strictly a slot machine, it’s definitely interesting and might be worth checking out. Taking the look and feel of a retro arcade game – a space shooter like Galaga – you’ll play through a series of missions that can earn you big prizes. It has the luck factor of a slot machine, but also gives you the chance to show off your skills – there are even boss battles and a leaderboard for the players who manage the best scores!  Try the Joy of Six Slot Machine here

NetEnt’s Best Slots Of Summer 2012

ZombiesOver the last few months, Net Entertainment – best known as NetEnt – has taken a lot of steps to strengthen their position as one of the top online slots manufacturers in the industry. One of their biggest moves was improving their NetEnt Touch platform for mobile devices, expanding the service to Android phones.

In addition, NetEnt released a number of new slot machines over the summer that added new features, bigger prizes and fun bonus rounds to their collection. The following are just a few of the top games released by NetEnt in recent months. If any of these games seem like online slots you might like to play, you can try them out at any casino featuring NetEnt slots.


If you’ve been paying attention to movies, television or video games in the last few years, you know that zombies are in. The Zombies slot machine by NetEnt takes full advantage of this, allowing you to survive a zombie apocalypse in style – and make a killing while you do it! In this machine, you’ll match some bloody symbols that include many weapons that you might use to fight off the undead hordes. Stacked wilds, random wilds and scatter symbols are also found all over the reels, giving you plenty of different ways to win. With a theme that’s sure to attract plenty of attention, we expect Zombies to be among the most popular NetEnt slots for some time to come.

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Jack Hammer 2: Fishy Business

Jack Hammer vs. Evil Dr. Wuten was one of the signature slots from NetEnt for years, as it combined a fun story with a classic comic book style to create a thoroughly memorable game for players. Every single symbol looked like the panel from a comic book, and the art style and characters were straight out of a Golden Age detective story. Given its massive success, it was no surprise to see NetEnt release a sequel this year. Fishy Business has the heroic Jack Hammer go up against a new villain: Don Crabby, who has captured a beautiful woman named Pearl. There are 99 paylines in the game, giving players no shortage of ways to win. You’ll often win many times on the same spin thanks to the sticky win feature, which keeps winning symbols in place while respinning any non-winning symbols. This keeps occurring until no new wins are created, after which all of your prizes are awarded.

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If you’re not quite ready for the summer to end yet, you might want to take a look at Beach, a NetEnt slot that’s all about relaxing on a sandy shore. The basic play on Beach is pretty standard: it’s a 20-line, five-reel slot machine that offers some big prizes if you can match the right symbols on the same payline. However, the game is presented in a very unique style, with symbols “washing up” on the shore in order to land in their positions on the reels. This doesn’t have any real impact on gameplay, but it’s definitely a refreshing change from ordinary slots play. There are also some interesting special features on Beach, such as an Octopus Wild symbol that can actually move symbols around with its tentacles in order to earn you bigger wins.

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Top Low-Key Slot Releases Of The Year…So Far

Alaxe in ZombielandThere have been dozens of great slot games released in 2012, but not all of them have gotten the kind of hype titles like The Dark Knight slot received when they were released. These lesser-known slot machines may not be as popular as the big name games, but they’re just as fun and definitely worth checking out. Here are our picks for the top five games you might not have noticed when they first came out.

1. Alaxe in Zombieland (Microgaming)

This game – which is based on the Alice in Wonderland story – is one of the most inventive games we’ve seen in a very long time. The game is based around a dark, twisted version of Wonderland in which all of your favorite characters have been replaced by zombies, while Alice has become an axe-wielding zombie slayer! This game is incredibly stylish, using a mix of the bright colors that evoke the playful nature of Wonderland along with plenty of darkness to remind us that this is a dangerous place. It’s a truly scary combination that is perfect for the game’s theme. Combine that with several different bonus games that present you with different styles of play and decisions to make, and Alaxe in Zombieland is a game that every slots fan should try.

2. Around the World (Microgaming)

Chances are that you’ve at least heard of the Jules Verne novel Around the World in 80 Days, which is exactly what this slot is based on. You’ll travel around the globe, taking trains, hot air balloons and ships in an attempt to make your deadline. There are two different wild symbols, a free spins game, and a game where you’ll relive the adventure from the novel. In that game, you’ll have the chance to bet your winnings on your own trip around the world, trying to make it to each destination without seeing your trip come to an unfortunate end.

3. Black Gold (Betsoft)

For the last century, oil has been one of the preferred methods for getting rich. If you don’t have an oil field handy, though, Black Gold might be your best shot at getting some oil money of your own! In this new 3D slots game, you’ll match symbols related to the oil business, including some rich Texas barons, derricks and more. There are also oil-themed bonus rounds, as well as the same great animations and graphics you’ve come to expect from every Betsoft game.

4. Dawn of the Dinosaurs (888.com)

This exclusive slot machine is only available through 888.com and features everyone’s favorite extinct animals: dinosaurs! You’ll have the chance to match a number of different dinosaur species, with the mighty T-Rex earning the biggest prizes of all. There are also a number of prehistoric bonus rounds, like a Free Spins game that is activated after collecting lava rock symbols, or the Raptor Clash in which you’ll need to pick which dinosaur will win in a fight. Another feature, the Combo Completer, actually allows you to collect eggs over the course of several play sessions, saving your progress even if you leave the game!

5. Thunderfist (Net Entertainment)

This NetEnt machine takes high-flying martial arts action and combines it with some of the newest innovations in slot machine play. Thunderfist is a 243 Ways slot machine, in which you make just one wager to cover all of your possible winning combinations. With stacked wilds, a free spins game, and plenty of different multipliers that can explode your winnings Thunderfist is a game that any fan of Kung Fu movies should definitely check out.

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Microgaming Bolsters Mobile Slots Selection

Microgaming Mobile SlotsTwo of Microgaming’s most popular slot machines have now made the transition over to the world of mobile gaming. These two games – Ladies Nite and Spring Break – join a lineup of dozens of slots and other games available on mobile devices for players at Microgaming casino sites.

In total, there are now over 70 different Microgaming games that can be played through mobile phones and tablets for players at more than 40 different online casinos. That selection already included some of the most famous games in the Microgaming selection, including Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck.

If you’re not familiar with the two new games being added to the mobile lineup, we’re here to break them down for you. Let’s take a look at the two newest mobile Microgaming slots!

Ladies Nite

Ladies Night is a five-reel, nine-payline slot machine that features a variety of symbols related to enjoying the nightlife, from a young woman’s point of view. Players have the option to wager up to five coins on each line, and coin values between a penny and a dollar are available to choose from. The biggest standard symbols in the game are the party girl herself and a cocktail, each of which can earn you up to 750 coins.

However, there are some special symbols that are worth a whole lot more than that. First, there’s the wild glitterball symbol that can substitute for any other symbol in order to make winning combinations. Having that symbol as a part of a win also results in double the normal prize! Even better, if you should hit five wild symbols in a row, you’ll win an amazing 10,000 credits.

There’s also a scatter symbol that can win you up to 500 times your spin bet. Hitting three or more of these symbols will also earn you 15 free spins, during which all of your spins will be tripled.

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Spring Break

Spring Break is very similar to Ladies Night in execution, but uses a very different theme to get the job done. This game is based on the classic university tradition of Spring Break vacations, and features everything you’d expect to find at a summer resort. Players can trigger small wins with a number of different (mostly unhealthy) foods and drinks, like beers, burgers, pizza and more. For bigger wins, you’ll want to find people relaxing at the beach, sitting in inner tubes or driving trucks. Those last two symbols are the most valuable, earning prizes of up to 750 credits each.

That might sound exactly like the prizes you’d get in Ladies Nite – and that’s not the only similarity you’ll find. Like that game, Spring Break is a five-reel, nine-payline game. The coin values offered and most of the other options are the same as well, right down to some striking similarities in the special features. Once again, the wild symbol will double any wins it takes part in, and can earn you up to 10,000 coins if you match five in a row. There’s also a scatter symbol that – you guessed it – can take you into a free spins game where all of your wins will be tripled.

While the two games are very similar, the themes are different, and having both will let you pick the one that appeals more to you. Both games can be found at numerous Microgaming casino sites, as well as their mobile counterparts.

Cryptologic’s Best Slot Releases Of The Summer

Monte CristoCryptologic is always busy creating new slot machines for their players, and 2012 has not disappointed so far. There has been a great mix of traditional games with interesting themes along with some brand new ideas that take the slots landscape in a different direction. Here’s a quick look at some of our favorite new Cryptologic slots!

Monte Cristo

When we talk about innovative games, those like Monte Cristo are right at the top of the list. We don’t usually talk about arcade-style games here, since that’s really a different category than a slot machine. However, what do you get when you cross slots elements with an arcade look and feel? Something like Monte Cristo, a game that intrigued us from the moment we heard about the concept.

In this game, there are no reels, no spins, and no paylines. Instead, you’ll be playing on what appears to be a game board. Every time you pay to trigger the next round, you’ll see a ball appear somewhere on the board and start bouncing off the various objects in the game. There are walls, skulls that can end the game immediately, and valuable treasures that award prizes. There are even spots you can hit on the board that will trigger bonus rounds or free plays. This combination of the random payouts of slots with a completely different look and feel definitely makes Monte Cristo an interesting addition to the Cryptologic lineup.

Fire Flies

If you’re looking for a way to extend summer just a little bit longer, check out Fire Flies. This five-reel, 25-line slot machine takes all the fun and excitement of a woodlands campfire and brings it to the comfort of your computer. All of the symbols are related to the camping theme, including things like bug spray, bears, and fire flies themselves.

While the emphasis in Fire Flies is on classic slots action, there are a few places where the game does try for some innovations. For instance, you’ll love the wild fire symbol, one that appears at random after the end of any spin. This turns normally losing spins into instant winners, with even very big prizes possible at any time with a few strategically placed fires!

Other features in Fire Flies include a free spins game that comes with stacked wilds and the chance to retrigger the bonus round. Overall, it’s a fairly simple slot machine, but Fire Flies is still a fun game that gives you plenty of chances to win big.

Captain Nemo

The Captain Nemo slot machine is our third pick, as it takes another popular theme and crafts a solid game around it. Everyone knows the Jules Verne character that the game is based around, so there’s no surprise that this machine features a nautical theme. You can win big by finding sunken ship symbols, or find your way into a bonus round that features several stages. In that game, you’ll investigate sonar pings to find prizes, multipliers, and even potentially access to a jackpot game! In the jackpot round, you’ll have a chance to win a progressive jackpot worth up to several thousand pounds.

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A Look At Microgaming’s Biggest Summer Slots

MicrogamingIt’s been a busy year for Microgaming, which has released some of the biggest slots games in the industry in recent months. One game will obviously dominate this list, but it’s far from the only hot title they’ve come out with so far in 2012. Let’s take a quick look at some of the latest Microgaming slots that you’ll want to try out – if you haven’t already.

The Dark Knight

Was there any doubt that this would be the first game on our list? The Dark Knight was the most anticipated online slot machine of the year, bolstered by the released of The Dark Knight Rises – the third film in the recent Batman trilogy.

The game did not disappoint. One quick look at the slot told you that a lot of thought had been put into crafting a game that would make any Batman fan happy, as the backgrounds featured sweeping views of Gotham City. Almost all of the major characters from The Dark Knight were included, with beautiful portraits used for most of the game’s symbols.

Of course, the main emphasis was on the duel between Batman and the Joker, each of whom can appear at any time to help you win additional cash after a spin. They’re also the centerpiece of this game’s bonus rounds, including the progressive jackpot game. In that feature, you’ll choose to side with either Batman or the Joker, after which you can win one of four jackpots – including the famous Mega Jackpot, which is worth millions.

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Untamed Slots Series

Nature is a popular theme in entertainment, so why not in slots as well? That’s what Microgaming has been banking on this year with their series of Untamed slot machines. So far, there have been three different Untamed titles: Giant Panda, Bengal Tiger, and their newest game, Wolf Pack.

In each of these games, you’ll be treated with amazing pictures of the titular animals, along with their native habitats. That means you’ll see lush bamboo forests with the pandas, tigers prowling the grasslands and forests of Southeast Asia, and a mix of wolves and their prey in the dry forests and mountains.

As beautiful as the imagery in these games is, that’s not all they have to offer. There’s also a host of new special features, including wild reels that are activated by “collecting” wild symbols over time. Animal eyes can also peer in from above and below the reels to “see” if they can help create scatter wins.

Leagues of Fortune

Looking for undersea adventure? There have been a few new slot machines that offer this, including Leagues of Fortune. One thing that this game has over the competition is that it uses a version the popular Microgaming “243 Ways” style of gameplay, giving you access to every possible payline for one low price. What makes this game unique is that there are four rows of symbols on the five-reel slot, which makes this into a “1,024 Ways” game instead. While the game’s special features – a free spins game, a gambling game, and stacked wilds – aren’t anything new or innovative, they work with the huge number of possible winning combinations to make every spin exciting.