Batman: The Dark Knight Slot Release Date Announced

Batman: The Dark Knight SlotWe’ve known for months now that Microgaming was working on a Batman slot machine that would tie into the release of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises this summer. Now, Microgaming has officially announced a launch date of June 28, and has released details of the machine for the first time, giving players a sneak peek at what will be coming later this month.

The first thing that’s clear when looking at The Dark Knight is that it is, of course, dark. The game looks to capture the dark, gritty feel of the film series, and does so by using a dark blue and black colour scheme. This is combined with images (and likely video and sound clips) from the film, including shots of stars like Christian Bale (Batman and Bruce Wayne) and Heath Ledger (The Joker).

The Dark Knight slot machine will be a 243 Ways game, which means that players won’t have to be concerned with seeing their symbols show up on the correct paylines. Instead, the only thing that will matter is matching identical symbols across the reels, regardless of their exact positions. Symbols in the game include card rank symbols from tens through aces, as well as Batman, The Joker, and plenty of other familiar characters from The Dark Knight.

Of course, no game that’s based on a blockbuster movie like this one would be complete with a lot of bonus features that increase your chances of winning. It’s clear from the previews that this machine includes a free spins game, as well as a few other features that will be familiar to those who have played the Lord of the Rings slot machines at Microgaming casinos.

Speaking of the Lord of the Rings slot, there is much speculation that The Dark Knight will essentially be replacing that machine when it comes into circulation. There have been rumours for weeks that the Lord of the Rings game is on its way out of the line-up for Microgaming, though these stories have not been confirmed. Microgaming has yet to make any announcements on the subject.

However, the set of features in The Dark Knight is certainly similar to those in the Lord of the Rings game, which may help fuel that speculation further. Like Lord of the Rings, The Dark Knight features random appearances from Batman and The Joker, which appear to work in much the same way as the random Gollum appearances in LOTR. Both games also feature a way to win the progressive Mega Jackpot; in the case of The Dark Knight, players will have the choice of picking Batman or The Joker, each of which award a prize on a different part of a spinning wheel, which ultimately results in winning one of four jackpots.

There’s certainly a lot of hype for The Dark Knight – which we expect will become one of the most popular Microgaming slots, and we’ll be eagerly awaiting the game’s official release in order to do a full review of this game. The release of the slot machine will be closely followed by the theatrical release of The Dark Knight Rises, which is scheduled for July 20.