Beach Slot Extends Summer Fun for Slots Players

Beach SlotFor most of us, the summer is rapidly coming to a close. There might be one or two more weekends for a trip to the beach, but after that, you’ll have to wait until next summer for the warm weather and the chance to relax down by the ocean. But Net Entertainment isn’t letting the summer fun go away so quickly, and can reveal they have released a new slot machine named Beach that promises to allow you to play in the sand all year long.

Beach is a five-reel, 20-line slot machine with an animated beach theme. The object of the game is to match symbols from left to right, with a variety of different beach and ocean-themed symbols available to players. The basic symbols are made up of polished rocks that display the traditional card values from tens through aces, while bigger winners include starfish, shells, pearls and treasure chests. The treasure chest is the biggest prize winner, offering up to 2,000 credits if you can match five across a payline.

Beach is a game that includes many traditional wild symbols, along with a few twists that should keep you interested for the long haul. First, there’s the classic wild symbol – represented by a little piece of driftwood that has the word “Wild” on it. This can substitute for any of the standard winning symbols. There’s also a scatter symbol that’s represented by the classic message in a bottle. Match three or more of these and you’ll earn some free spins – eight if you hit three bottles, and up to 24 if you hit the maximum of five.

This seems like a good time to talk about the animation style of Beach. The way your symbols fall on the screen is very cool: rather than spinning reels, you’ll watch a wave crash onto the beach, allowing your symbols to wash up on shore and take their positions. The game really gets into the spirit of this idea: in the game documentation, spins are called “waves,” and the scatter prizes are referred to as “free waves.” The symbols and backgrounds are all very bright and colorful, giving this machine a welcoming feel.

There’s one additional special symbol that has a unique impact on play. The Octopus Wild is a version of the wild symbol that only appears on the third reel (the one reel where the standard wild does not appear). Immediately, the Octopus Wild comes with a 2x bonus that doubles any wins that it helps make. However, that octopus plays an active role as well, and can swap any two of the symbols around the wild in order to make the biggest possible win for you.

The combination of the beautiful graphics, the unique “wave” style gameplay and the bonus features make Beach a relaxing and fun slot to play than most of the other action-packed NetEnt slot games. The game doesn’t have a huge number of bonuses, but the wild and scatter features are enough to provide a solid slots experience.