Betsoft’s Mr Vegas 3D Slot Goes Mobile

Mr Vegas MobileOne of the most popular games in the Betsoft series of 3D slots is Mr. Vegas. This game gives players a taste of the high-rolling Vegas lifestyle, complete with the sights and sounds that only Vegas can provide. Now, Betsoft has decided to make their popular slot machine available for mobile devices – making it the first online slots in 3D to go mobile.

“We are excited about this mobile push,” said Anthony Lock, head of product development for Betsoft. “Without a doubt, Mr. Vegas is one of our most popular Slots3 games.”

If you’re not familiar with Mr. Vegas, let’s take a quick look at the game. It’s a five-reel, 30-line slot machine in which players are tasked with matching a host of Vegas-themed symbols, ranging from casino chips and cards to the famous Las Vegas sign, the beautiful girls that travel with Mr. Vegas, and a showgirl who awards the game’s biggest prizes (500 credits if you can match five in a row).

Mr. Vegas is known for two things. First, it does a great job of building a real Vegas atmosphere by playing lounge music, using lots of glamour and bright lights, and generally making players feel like they’re in a classic Vegas Strip casino. There’s even a cheesy song about Mr. Vegas that introduces players to the game, along with an animation of the man himself getting the red carpet treatment.

The biggest draw, though, comes from the special features on Mr. Vegas which are now common place in Betsoft Gaming slots. These bonus rounds all have something to do with the casino atmosphere, and each emulate some sort of popular game. First, if you land a dice symbol next to a Mr. Vegas symbol, you’ll watch Mr. Vegas play a round of craps – with the number he rolls on the dice earning you an equivalent number of free spins.

Next up, three slot machine symbols on the same payline will earn you a trip into the mini-slot machine game. You’ll get a few spins on a classic three-reel game with a single payline, one that uses the classic sevens and bars for symbols. This game may be a throwback to old-fashioned slots, but the wins on this machine can be huge.

Hit five slab symbols anywhere on the reels, and you’ll trigger a spin on the money wheel, where you can win anything from a few spins to the Mr. Vegas progressive jackpot. Finally, if you’re lucky enough to hit three Mr. Vegas symbols, you’ll watch him and his lady friends play a round of roulette. Hit the winning number, and you can win a massive prize to your account balance!

Adding Mr. Vegas to mobile platforms is part of a bigger strategy, Locke said.

“This is the beginning of an initiative which will see the release of all Betsot games for the mobile platform,” he said. “As always, we are committed to bringing the best games in the industry to our players, in true Betsoft 3D style.”

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