Cryptologic’s Best Slot Releases Of The Summer

Monte CristoCryptologic is always busy creating new slot machines for their players, and 2012 has not disappointed so far. There has been a great mix of traditional games with interesting themes along with some brand new ideas that take the slots landscape in a different direction. Here’s a quick look at some of our favorite new Cryptologic slots!

Monte Cristo

When we talk about innovative games, those like Monte Cristo are right at the top of the list. We don’t usually talk about arcade-style games here, since that’s really a different category than a slot machine. However, what do you get when you cross slots elements with an arcade look and feel? Something like Monte Cristo, a game that intrigued us from the moment we heard about the concept.

In this game, there are no reels, no spins, and no paylines. Instead, you’ll be playing on what appears to be a game board. Every time you pay to trigger the next round, you’ll see a ball appear somewhere on the board and start bouncing off the various objects in the game. There are walls, skulls that can end the game immediately, and valuable treasures that award prizes. There are even spots you can hit on the board that will trigger bonus rounds or free plays. This combination of the random payouts of slots with a completely different look and feel definitely makes Monte Cristo an interesting addition to the Cryptologic lineup.

Fire Flies

If you’re looking for a way to extend summer just a little bit longer, check out Fire Flies. This five-reel, 25-line slot machine takes all the fun and excitement of a woodlands campfire and brings it to the comfort of your computer. All of the symbols are related to the camping theme, including things like bug spray, bears, and fire flies themselves.

While the emphasis in Fire Flies is on classic slots action, there are a few places where the game does try for some innovations. For instance, you’ll love the wild fire symbol, one that appears at random after the end of any spin. This turns normally losing spins into instant winners, with even very big prizes possible at any time with a few strategically placed fires!

Other features in Fire Flies include a free spins game that comes with stacked wilds and the chance to retrigger the bonus round. Overall, it’s a fairly simple slot machine, but Fire Flies is still a fun game that gives you plenty of chances to win big.

Captain Nemo

The Captain Nemo slot machine is our third pick, as it takes another popular theme and crafts a solid game around it. Everyone knows the Jules Verne character that the game is based around, so there’s no surprise that this machine features a nautical theme. You can win big by finding sunken ship symbols, or find your way into a bonus round that features several stages. In that game, you’ll investigate sonar pings to find prizes, multipliers, and even potentially access to a jackpot game! In the jackpot round, you’ll have a chance to win a progressive jackpot worth up to several thousand pounds.

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