Dawn of the Dinosaurs Available At 888.com

Dawn of the DinosaursIf you’ve been looking for an online slot that offers a few things you might not have seen before in dozens of other games, you might want to check out Dawn of the Dinosaurs – a brand new slot at 888.com. Not only does this game feature dinosaurs (always a plus), but it has some interesting twists that literally encourage you to come back again and again to get the most possible out of your play.

Dawn of the Dinosaurs is a five-reel, 25-line slot machine where players are allowed to bet just one coin per line, but there are a variety of coin sizes available depending on how much you’d like to wager – anywhere from £0.05 to £10. The object is to match symbols from left-to-right across your active paylines; of course, in this game, you’ll be tasked with putting together dinosaur symbols, though there are also lower value “card rank” symbols available as well.

But the big money is all about the dinosaurs. There are four different species to match, each of which awards at least a small prize even if you only match two of them. The biggest prize of all belongs to the mighty T-Rex, which awards 1,000 times the line bet should you manage to match five of him on the same line.

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There are a few different bonus rounds that can be accessed in Dawn of the Dinosaurs. The first is known as the Free Spins Explosion – a unique take on the classic free spins game. During play, the lava rock symbol will occasionally appear on screen. Each time one shows up, the game will record it on a little volcano graphic located to the left of the main reels. Once four rocks have been collected, it’s time for the free spins explosion to begin! Players have the option of choosing from four different free spin options: taking 30 free spins as normal, 15 free spins with a 2x multiplier, 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier, or five free spins with a massive 6x multiplier.

If you hit three bonus symbols on the same spin, you’ll trigger the Raptor Clash Bonus Game. This game features a one-on-one fight between two raptors on a screen that should be familiar to anyone who has played an arcade-style fighting game (think Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat). You’ll be tasked with picking moves for your raptor, with each successful attack earning you bonus credits.

Finally, the Combo Completer feature is perhaps the most interesting feature in Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Every time you see a symbol featuring a T-Rex with an egg in its mouth, you’ll see an egg added to your Combo Completer total. These eggs can prove useful, as they’ll automatically substitute on later spins for any symbol that comes between two or more T-Rex symbols – thus allowing you to score some very valuable winning combinations. What’s really amazing about this feature is that the machine will remember how many eggs you have saved up after your session ends, so the next time you come back to the machine, you’ll still have your eggs waiting for you.

Everyone loves dinosaurs, so it’ll be no surprise if Dawn of the Dinosaurs proves to be a popular game. The theme combined with the interesting features (especially the game’s ability to save your progress when you stop playing) makes this machine one that’s very worthy of attention.

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