Microgaming Announces New Games for October

Phantom CashUntil the last week or so, it had been a slow couple of months in the online slots world. Not many new games were being released, and some of us were beginning to wonder when the next wave of new titles would start hitting casino sites. Well, it looks like the answer has come, as we’ve seen a number of new machines released this week, as well as many scheduled for the weeks to follow.

Leading the way is Microgaming, which has scheduled three different games for an early October release. We profiled one of these games earlier this week: The Twisted Circus, a big top-themed game that features circus freaks, a ring master, and (most importantly of all) plenty of big prizes.

Today, though, we want to focus on the other games you’ll be seeing at Microgaming casino sites in the near future. Here are two more new releases that you’ll be sure to enjoy!

You can play The Twisted Circus Free Here

Phantom Cash

Here’s a ghost-themed slot machine that’ll be coming out right on time for Halloween! In this five-reel, 25-payline machine, you’ll travel along with a pair of ghost hunters known as Thurmingham and Carstairs as they chase some of the nastiest spirits around. One of the features that Microgaming has teased is a Ghost Zap that allows players to instantly double their winnings. Each of the ghost hunters is represented by separate symbols, and hitting them both at the same time is sure to bring even bigger rewards. With a free spins feature and entertaining special effects, Phantom Cash should be one of the more popular games coming out this fall.

The Joy of Six

Craps is a great game, but if you’ve never played it before, it can look really confusing. It’s a game that’s actually not that hard to learn, but if you don’t want to get into all the intricacies of this casino classic, why not just try The Joy of Six, a slot machine with a craps theme? This game will have a number of different bonus features, including one in which you’ll get to roll the dice in order to win even more cash. The entire game has the feel of a real craps game, including cheering players and other appropriate sound effects. And no craps-themed game would be complete without the chance to gamble up your winnings, so you’ll have the option to double or even quadruple your winnings after every spin. The Joy of Six is exclusive to the Microgaming Viper platform, meaning it’ll be found in the Flash versions of Microgaming casinos.

Along with those slots, we’d also like to give a quick mention to another new Microgaming game that was recently released: Max Damage and the Alien Attack. While it’s not strictly a slot machine, it’s definitely interesting and might be worth checking out. Taking the look and feel of a retro arcade game – a space shooter like Galaga – you’ll play through a series of missions that can earn you big prizes. It has the luck factor of a slot machine, but also gives you the chance to show off your skills – there are even boss battles and a leaderboard for the players who manage the best scores!  Try the Joy of Six Slot Machine here