A Look At Microgaming’s Biggest Summer Slots

MicrogamingIt’s been a busy year for Microgaming, which has released some of the biggest slots games in the industry in recent months. One game will obviously dominate this list, but it’s far from the only hot title they’ve come out with so far in 2012. Let’s take a quick look at some of the latest Microgaming slots that you’ll want to try out – if you haven’t already.

The Dark Knight

Was there any doubt that this would be the first game on our list? The Dark Knight was the most anticipated online slot machine of the year, bolstered by the released of The Dark Knight Rises – the third film in the recent Batman trilogy.

The game did not disappoint. One quick look at the slot told you that a lot of thought had been put into crafting a game that would make any Batman fan happy, as the backgrounds featured sweeping views of Gotham City. Almost all of the major characters from The Dark Knight were included, with beautiful portraits used for most of the game’s symbols.

Of course, the main emphasis was on the duel between Batman and the Joker, each of whom can appear at any time to help you win additional cash after a spin. They’re also the centerpiece of this game’s bonus rounds, including the progressive jackpot game. In that feature, you’ll choose to side with either Batman or the Joker, after which you can win one of four jackpots – including the famous Mega Jackpot, which is worth millions.

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Untamed Slots Series

Nature is a popular theme in entertainment, so why not in slots as well? That’s what Microgaming has been banking on this year with their series of Untamed slot machines. So far, there have been three different Untamed titles: Giant Panda, Bengal Tiger, and their newest game, Wolf Pack.

In each of these games, you’ll be treated with amazing pictures of the titular animals, along with their native habitats. That means you’ll see lush bamboo forests with the pandas, tigers prowling the grasslands and forests of Southeast Asia, and a mix of wolves and their prey in the dry forests and mountains.

As beautiful as the imagery in these games is, that’s not all they have to offer. There’s also a host of new special features, including wild reels that are activated by “collecting” wild symbols over time. Animal eyes can also peer in from above and below the reels to “see” if they can help create scatter wins.

Leagues of Fortune

Looking for undersea adventure? There have been a few new slot machines that offer this, including Leagues of Fortune. One thing that this game has over the competition is that it uses a version the popular Microgaming “243 Ways” style of gameplay, giving you access to every possible payline for one low price. What makes this game unique is that there are four rows of symbols on the five-reel slot, which makes this into a “1,024 Ways” game instead. While the game’s special features – a free spins game, a gambling game, and stacked wilds – aren’t anything new or innovative, they work with the huge number of possible winning combinations to make every spin exciting.