Monte Cristo Game

Monte Cristo Game

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve written about a set of three new games at Cryptologic casino sites. The first two games were fairly standard for online slots: Captain Nemo was an underwater-themed game based on the famous character, while Fire Flies used a fun, outdoor camping theme.

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However, the third game is a little different. Monte Cristo sits somewhere between a slot machine and the “fixed odds” games that are popular at many of the top UK online casinos, using elements of both to create a completely new gaming experience. Whatever you want to call it, one thing is for sure: Monte Cristo is both addictive and fun to play.

In Monte Cristo, players are presented with a grid layout that we’ll call the game board. The board has a collection of different symbols on it, each of which serves a different purpose. Players have the option of betting anywhere from a couple of pennies to several hundred pounds each time they want to play, so there’s something here for players of all betting levels.

Notice that we didn’t say anything about “spins.” That’s because there are no reels, and this game doesn’t look like a slot machine. Instead, when you hit play, a ball will appear somewhere on the game board and begin traveling, bouncing off of walls and symbols. After hitting a limited number of objects (usually ten, though some objects affect this total), your game will end. Prizes are scored by hitting certain objects, with different objects offering various prizes or access to bonus rounds.

As you can see, this style of gameplay keeps some of the most popular aspects of slots play – hitting symbols to win prizes, bonus features, and randomness – while offering a completely different style of play. This makes for a really unique and exciting experience.

Some symbols can earn you prizes immediately, ranging from the lowly coins (each one only earns you half of your initial bet) to the massive jewel, which is worth 100x your bet. Other symbols affect gameplay, such as the heart – which adds three more bounces to your ball – or the bomb, which explodes to win you all of the surrounding prizes. A skull will end your game immediately, while walls of different strengths will block your ball from getting to some areas.

Monte Cristo Slot

Monte Cristo also features two extra bonus rounds. First, the “letter” symbol will award you five free plays, all of which come on a different game board than the one that triggered the bonus. In addition, there’s a key symbol that will take you into a more traditional second screen bonus game. In this game, you’ll pick cell doors to reveal instant bonus credits; you’ll be allowed to keep choosing until you pick a door that leads to the game’s end.

Cryptologic has a history of creating games that straddle the line between slot machines and casual arcade games, and Monte Cristo is another great example of this game type. If you’re looking for something different to add some variety to your online slots play, you can find Monte Cristo at most Cryptologic casino sites.