Spamalot Combines Humor and Huge Slots Prizes

Monty Python's SpamalotIf you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 35 years (and possibly even if you have), you’re likely familiar with the classic comedy film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This classic is regarded as many as comedy group Monty Python’s greatest work, with the dialog and scenes having become world famous. More recently, the 2004 work Spamalot took elements of the film to make a hilarious musical comedy that has not only appeared on both the West End and on Broadway, but has toured around the world.

If you can’t get enough of the famous Monty Python humor that manages to be outrageously silly and often dry at the same time, you’ll want to check out the Spamalot online slot from Playtech. In this amusing 20-line, five-reel slot machine, you’ll be treated to classic music from the show, a landscape drawn in the classic style of Monty Python’s famous animations, and many of the great characters you know so well: King Arthur, Sir Robin, Sir Lancelot, and others.

We could go through all of the different symbols and prizes available, but where this new online slots game really shines – and where the Monty Python style of humor comes through the best – is in the game’s spectacular bonus rounds. This begins with the free spins game, which is activated any time you should happen to hit three or more scatter symbols on a single spin. When this occurs, you’ll be granted ten free spins (accompanied by one of the most famous Monty Python songs of all, “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”).

But during these spins, you’ll notice a couple of unusual added features. First, there’s a very helpful little bird that will fly above the reels after every spin. He’ll drop some exploding coconuts for you, each of which will turn one symbol into a wild.

There’s also a meter above the reels that shows your progress in The Jackpot Game. During your free spins, you’ll occasionally see a Jackpot Game logo symbol appear on the reels. Each time this happens, one of the five spots above the reels will be filled. Complete all five, and at the end of the free spins, you’ll get to play The Holy Grail Jackpot Game!

In the Jackpot Game, you simply need to find the grail in order to win either the huge Holy Grail Jackpot…or the much smaller (but still nice) Slightly Less Holy Grail Jackpot. You’ll have to play several rounds of a “pick one” game to get there though, selecting chickens, killer rabbits, cows, knights and so on in order to continue. Each time, you might be awarded cash, or you may end the game immediately.

Several other bonus games can be activated by hitting bonus symbols on the first and last reels during regular play. These all recall famous scenes from the Holy Grail film and the Spamalot musical, such as “Storm the Castle,” “None Shall Pass,” “Knights Who Say Ni,” and “Killer Rabbit.” Each of these games features the humor you’d expect from a Monty Python game; for instance, Storm the Castle is introduced by a voiceover telling you it’s “the game where you’ll most likely be hit with a cow.”

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