New Games, New Owners Shake Things Up at CryptoLogic

CryptoLogicCryptoLogic has long been one of the biggest players in the online slots industry. Their games – produced through a subsidiary named WagerLogic – can be found at a number of online casinos, and often include some of the most innovative and interactive features around.

Now, a new era is beginning for the 17-year-old online casino software firm. In late June, the Amaya Gaming Group took control of CryptoLogic, purchasing the vast majority of outstanding stock to take control of over 90% of the company. Along with the company’s delisting on NASDAQ, the London Stock Exchange, and the Toronto Stock Exchange, this has essentially given Amaya full control over CryptoLogic.

During the purchase, which has been in the works for months, Amaya announced some major changes for CryptoLogic. Several new directors have been added to the Board of Directors, and David Baazov, President and CEO of Amaya, also took over as Chairman and CEO for CryptoLogic.

If you’re a player at a CryptoLogic casino site, you probably aren’t too worried about the behind-the-scenes business deals that go on for the company. However, you may have noticed that in recent months, CryptoLogic hasn’t exactly been releasing a lot of new games. This was likely due to the uncertainty and transitional period surrounding the purchase.

But now that it appears to be back to business as usual at CryptoLogic, they’ve announced the release of three new games in just the past week. These games each offer a unique style of gameplay, and it’s likely that most players will enjoy at least one of this new batch of games.

First, there’s Captain Nemo, a game we profiled last week. It’s a five-reel, 25-line slot machine that features undersea action in the style of Jules Verne. The game is particularly notable for the jackpot bonus game, which has the potential to award players millions in prizes.

The second of these new games is the Fire Flies slot, a camping themed-game in which players are asked to match a variety of appropriate symbols, like wild animals and equipment such as fishing rods and bug spray. This game is heavy on visuals, as winning combinations produce animations and the overall campfire effect (not to mention, of course, the fireflies themselves) create a great atmosphere. With bonus rounds and free spins games, Fire Flies offers a nice combination of traditional slots action and flashy graphics.

Finally, perhaps the most interesting of the three new games is Monte Cristo. This game has been described as a combination between a classic casino slot machine and a casual game, presumably with the hopes of bringing in players who wouldn’t normally try an online casino game. This includes a fun bonus game that plays more like an arcade game than a slot machine, and it’s definitely worth checking out if only to see what could be a new direction for slots to head towards.