Rocking Plumbo Slot Comes to Betsoft Casinos

We’ve reviewed a lot of interesting slots over the last few months, but they’ve mainly had one thing in common: almost always, they were designed with an English-speaking audience in mind first and foremost, with those who preferred playing in other languages having to make due with translations – if they were even available.

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But Betsoft’s latest game, Plumbo, is another story entirely. Plumbo is a Norwegian band that has been playing a unique mix of rock and folk music for a decade. The members of the band are Lars Erik Blokkhus (who plays the guitar and provides most of the vocals), Tommy Elstrad on bass, and Hasse Ronningen on drums, while Glenn Hauger often provides additional support on the accordion and/or flute. The music of the band is entertaining and interesting, combining traditional Norwegian sounds with a healthy dose of modern rock influence.

When you first load up the Plumbo slot machine, you’ll be greeted first by cheering crowds, and then by a rotation of songs by the band that play while you spin the reels. If the music ever gets too bothersome, it’s easy to turn it off – but we were surprised to find that we actually enjoyed listening, as it was a sound we hadn’t really heard before.

As for the machine itself, Plumbo is a five-reel, 25-line slot machine with several different levels of coins. Players can further customize their betting by wagering up to five coins per line. The object of the game, as always, is to match symbols from left to right across the reels. The symbols in this game are pretty neatly divided into two groups: the band’s instruments, which are lower-value wins and require three or more in a row, and the four band members themselves, which offer bigger prizes and can even score wins with only two-of-a-kind. The biggest wins come from matching Blokkhus, with five of him scoring a prize worth 1,000 times your bet on that line.

Given everything else going on in Plumbo, it isn’t too surprising that the game doesn’t feature a whole lot of special features (unlike the 3D slots by Betsoft). However, there are a couple extra symbols that will help you score bigger wins. First, there’s the wild symbol, which can substitute for any of the other symbols and doubles any wins it takes part in. There’s also a scatter symbol that scores a small win if you hit two, and activates a free spins game if you find three or more anywhere on the reels. Through this game, you can earn up to 20 free spins, during which all of your winnings will be doubled.


Plumbo hasn’t been advertised very heavily in English-speaking online slots circles, perhaps because the band isn’t that well-known among English speakers. But we’ve found the game to be fun, especially if you leave the music on. This is a rare game that you can enjoy not only because you’ll (hopefully) be winning big prizes, but also as a way to experience some new music you weren’t previously exposed to. Check it out, enjoy the show, and spin the reels a few times – you might be surprised just how long you stick around!


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