Slot Survivor World Series Set to Begin Next Week

Red Flush CasinoWhen it comes to poker, everyone knows that the biggest event in the world is the World Series of Poker. It’s an event where the best players in the world compete against each other for glory, fame, and millions in prizes. Online slots may not have something quite on that level, but a couple of Microgaming-powered casinos are trying to change that by offering some of the biggest rewards in the history of online slots competitions.

The first ever Slot Survivor World Series will begin on August 20, and includes over $150,000 in cash and prizes for the winners. The tournament will span two different online casinos that feature Microgaming games, including Red Flush Casino and Casino La Vida.

The competition will work in two stages. First, players will compete in three qualifying rounds, each of which lasts a week. The top qualifiers in each of the three rounds will advance to the finals. Qualifiers win prizes just for making it to the final round, and bigger rewards come to those who reach the top of the leaderboard in the finals. With two weeks of play in the final round, there should be plenty of twists and turns as players fight for one of the select few winning places.

The tournament works like many online slots promotions: it’s essentially a leaderboard race, in which the more you play, the further you move up into winning positions. Technically, the Slot Survivor World Series isn’t limited to slots, as players can earn points no matter what games they play. However, slots and “parlour games” such as keno and scratch card games earn points at a rate much faster than any other options, meaning that the winning players are certain to be slots players. Winning and losing isn’t important – it’s only the amount you play and spend that puts you in position to make the finals and take home prizes.

Both casinos shared their excitement over the upcoming tournament.

“This will be the mother of all online casino tournaments,” said Victoria Lamonte, promotions manager for Casino La Vida.

“The Slot Survivor World Series promises to be an unforgettable experience,” added Red Flush Casino promotions manager Alex Roberts.

The World Series name might be new, but the Slot Survivor challenge has actually been going on for several years now. Last year saw Slot Survivor 6 won by a German player named marenr1, who managed to collect over 50,000 points on their way to victory. The top prize was a trip for two to the Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1 race in France, valued at $20,000. Other top prizes included televisions, computers, and tablet devices, among smaller cash and casino credit prizes.

The exact prizes for finalists in the Slot Survivor World Series have yet to be determined, but with the promise of such a large prize pool, it’s certain that the top finishers will be more than satisfied with their rewards. With plenty of smaller prizes awarded along the way, even those who aren’t high rollers should be able to take home something or their efforts during this historic event.