3D Slots

Have you ever found yourself bored of playing the same old slot machines again and again? I know that after a few months of playing different online slots, I was beginning to find the whole thing a bit repetitive. I had fun when I won, but the games themselves were a little dull.

That’s when I discovered 3D slots. These games used amazing graphics to create a much more entertaining experience. If you’re looking for a why to freshen up your regular slots routine with something a little different, I would definitely recommend giving a 3D slot machine a try!


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What Are 3D Slots?

A 3D slot machine is any game that uses some technique to create a “3D” effect during the game. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the game will have the same kinds of 3D imagery you’d expect to see in a 3D movie (though there’s one exception, which I’ve noted below), but to qualify as a 3D slot, a game definitely has to do something to make its graphics stand out from the pack.

Often, this means that the game will use computer-animated graphics to allow some elements of a scene to stand out from others. Characters may move around against a 2D background, or objects might come flying at the screen. There might also be fully animated sequences to introduce a game, or as part of bonus rounds.

3D slots are usually designed to make the graphics the primary focus of the gaming experience. That doesn’t mean for a second that these games aren’t solid in the basics of slots too; many include fun bonus rounds, big jackpots, and good returns for the player. But the emphasis is on the visual experience – and in this area, 3D slots simply can’t be beat.

Examples of 3D Slots

While many slots providers have made an effort to improve the graphical quality of their slots, and several have even produced what could reasonably be called 3D slots, the best-known 3D slots in the world belong to Betsoft. These games truly pioneered the field of 3D slot machines, offering innovative features and graphics that were far ahead of their competitors (and still remain at the cutting edge of the industry today).

Several of the best Betsoft 3D games are extremely popular, and deserve places among the best online slots in the world. The following are just a few of the many 3D slots you can find at Betsoft:

The Slotfather: Perhaps the most famous 3D slot of all time, The Slotfather takes place in a world where an Italian mobster (the Slotfather himself) and his gang of characters control a city’s slot machine racket. The game is a great parody of movies like The Godfather, featuring tons of different mafia tropes.

Black Gold: This game is all about Texas oil barons and the search for the next big score. With bonus rounds taking place in and around oil wells, there’s no shortage of wealth to be found in this game.

Heist: One of the most cinematic of the Betsoft 3D slots, this game features two main characters: a highly successful bank thief, and the cop that’s on a mission to stop him. At different points in the game, you’ll see the situation play out from both perspectives – but either way, you’ll get to walk out with the cash.

3D Slots Requiring Glasses

While most 3D slots simply use a style of graphics that make the games appear to have depth to them – thus creating a 3D effect – there’s at least one slot machine that takes a much more traditional approach to the concept of 3D slots. I’m talking about Sterling Silver 3D, a game from Microgaming that will remind you of the old 3D movies and comics from the 1980s.

In order to truly play Sterling Silver in 3D mode, you’ll need to get your hands on a pair of the older-style “red-blue” 3D glasses. Wearing these will allow you to fully appreciate the effects that have been put into this game. Symbols and text will jump off the screen at you, creating an amazing “true” 3D image that’s like nothing else in the online slots world.

If you don’t have 3D glasses, you can still play Sterling Silver in a more traditional 2D format (or try to play it in 3D mode without the glasses, if you’d like to give yourself a headache). But it’s really a pretty average slot machine without the special effects, so this is definitely a game you’re going to want to try with the glasses on.

Advantages Of Playing 3D Slots

One of the big reasons to play 3D slots is the fact that they create a much more immersive environment for players. I’ve found that when I play a 3D slot machine, it grabs me in a way that a more standard slot simply can’t match.

If you play a regular slot machine, there’s really not much happening on the screen. Sure, the reels will move, but it’s hard to make much of a theme simply by using a few themed-symbols and a bonus round or two. That means that while you might enjoy playing a game like this, it’s unlikely that you’d really feel like you were “sucked in,” thinking just as much or more about the game and its theme as the money you’re playing for.

On the other hand, a 3D slot can include all sorts of features that make you feel like a part of the game. It starts with graphics that pop off the screen – either with clever animation techniques or with the help of 3D glasses – that make the game come to life. This allows animated sequences to feel a lot more entertaining, as characters are allowed to run in front of and behind the reels or other objects on screen.

The Betsoft 3D slots games also have other cinematic features that help create a much more entertaining experience. These games often feature voice acting, original songs and other little touches that make these slots about having fun first and winning money second. With these games, you can often start caring more about the characters and storylines than the prizes you’re winning…at least for a little while.