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If you’re like me and you love playing slots that are filled with fun features and take pride in their graphics, sound, and overall presentation, I think you’ll love Betsoft slot machines. These online slots are among the best looking games on the market, combining great special features with cool animations and sharp graphics – all of which gives these games a very high fun factor. This is especially obvious in their 3D slots, which are some of the most entertaining and engaging games you’ll find online.

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Common Features in Betsoft Slots

Betsoft’s slot machines are divided into two groups: their classic slots and their 3D slots. While all of these games share some factors in common, there are also a few differences you’ll want to keep in mind.

First, let’s talk about the general style of all of Betsoft’s machines. Almost every game offered by Betsoft has the option of betting a variable number of paylines, with players being allowed to play between one and five coins per line on most machines. There are usually a number of different coin denominations available, with 5-6 different coin values being common.

In the more traditional slots selection, there is a fairly even mix between three-reel and five-reel games. The five reel slots offer between nine and 20 paylines each, which the three-reel games are simpler, mostly offering either a single payline or five-line action. There are also a couple of unusual games here, such as the four-reel game Chase the Cheese, and a couple of 3×3 “Hold Slots,” in which players can hold reels in place after their initial spin before a second (and final) spin.

Meanwhile, the 3D slots are a little bit more uniform in their offerings. Each of these games features five reels and offers players somewhere between 20 and 30 paylines. These 3D games regularly feature second screen features and other bonus games. However, the real draw to the 3D slots is in their presentational features, which we’ll talk about more in the 3D Slots section below.

Progressive Slots at Betsoft Casinos

If there’s one area in which Betsoft is not the most impressive, it’s in the progressive jackpots they offer to players. This isn’t to say that there aren’t progressive jackpot slots to try, or that you can’t win a lot of money if you get lucky enough to hit one. But these jackpots won’t offer the instant millions you’ll see in games by some other slots developers. Instead, at Betsoft, a jackpot of £10,000 or more would be considered rather large.

There are a couple of jackpot features that are commonly used in Betsoft games and are worth noting. First, since Betsoft games regularly allow you to choose between several different denominations of coins, each game also features several different jackpots – one for each coin denomination offered. This means that a €0.10 version of The Glam Life, for instance, will have a different payout on its jackpot than the €0.25 version. In general, the higher denomination slots will have higher jackpots, but that’s not always true (especially if a lower denomination jackpot hasn’t been hit for a long time, or a higher denomination jackpot was recently hit).

In addition, these jackpots are normally based on hitting a specific set of symbols, rather than being awarded randomly. In our example of The Glam Life, you’ll need to hit five yacht symbols on the same payline while making the maximum bet in order to trigger the jackpot.

Betsoft 3D Slots

Betsoft is best known for their 3D slots, a line of games that pushes the envelope in terms of presentation. These games feature incredible graphics and animations, which is where they get their 3D name from. You won’t be confusing these slots with a 3D movie anytime soon: the images don’t pop off the screen, and you won’t need glasses in order to play them. Instead, these slots use computer generated images that appear to have depth to them and stand them out against flat background, creating a convincing three-dimensional illusion.

In many of the 3D slots, Betsoft went beyond just adding pretty graphics in order to draw players into their games. Quite a few of the games have a real cinematic feel, offering up a combination of animated sequences, interactive special features, a cast of surprisingly interesting characters, and even voice acting that helps give those characters a little more personality. This makes these machines feel a little bit more like real “games” rather than simply gambling machines.

Let’s take a closer look at one of these games to get an idea of how these features come together to make the 3D slots so much fun to play. In this case, we’ll be working through the game Mamma Mia. In this game, the action takes place in an Italian bistro. The reels are placed in the kitchen, behind a scene in which we see the restaurant’s enthusiastic chef making food and slicing and dicing ingredients.

The story of the game – as much as there is one – centers around the chef attempting to please a harsh restaurant critic who will be dining in the restaurant tonight. This story is told through the action on the reels and in the game’s bonus round, in which your job will be to select a dish that will be judged by the critic (the better the score, the more money you’ll receive in the form of bonus credits). During the game, the chef is constantly making small talk about his dishes and your winnings, helping him really come to life as the game’s main character.

But other touches also help to complete the theme, too. There’s a cute theme that has both hints of humor and traditional Italian music in it. In addition, every win on the reels results in a short animation – food being prepared, a waiter taking an order, pasta being boiled, or some other scene you’d expect to see in this environment. There’s even a free spins round that involves making pizza – a mainstay at any Italian eatery.

Other games take a similar approach to enveloping the player in their themes. The Slotfather will make you feel like you’re really dealing with the Mafia, while Once Upon a Time sends you into a colorful fantasy world. Barbary Coast will take you to the high seas, while Mr. Vegas will let you live the life of a high-roller. No matter which 3D slot you choose, it’s sure to be an experience unlike any other you’ve had in the world of online slots.


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