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Net Entertainment – more commonly called NetEnt – offers slots games that have their own unique style. While the NetEnt offerings sometimes fly a bit under the radar, their selection features some of the best online slots in the industry, including a couple of the world’s biggest jackpots and some of the coolest themed slots, like the new Scarface game. If you’re the kind of slots geek that worries more about winning millions than playing with your favorite movie characters when you spin the reels, you’ll want to get NetEnt a chance. Netent GamesVegas Paradise ( is the best online casino using NetEnt software and is one of the most popular sites in UK and throughout Europe. You can enjoy a wide range of video slot machines including favourites such as Scarface, Gonzo’s Quest, Mega Fortune and many others as well as get a £200 welcome bonus.

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Common Features in NetEnt Slots

One of the first things you’ll notice at NetEnt is just how many of their machines look strangely familiar to you. There aren’t a lot of games based on expensive licensed properties here, but you will find quite a few games that are clearly based on popular themes. Some of those games (and the themes they closely mirror) include:

• Blood Suckers (vampire romances like Twilight)
• Crime Scene (based on CSI and similar television programs)
• Ghost Pirates (Pirates of the Caribbean)
• Relic Raiders (Tomb Raider)
• Secret Code (The Da Vinci Code)

Some might find this approach a little cheesy, but I think it’s a testament to how good the games are that NetEnt is able to have games that are based on each of these themes that work and are a lot of fun to play even without getting official licenses to base them on. These games are every bit as fun as any licensed slot machine – and just as lucrative, too.

Now, let’s talk a bit more about the games themselves. NetEnt slots different have a distinctive style that sets them apart from the competition. While their slot machines feature all different betting options – some give you the traditional “bet on up to 25 paylines” style, while others use variations on the “all ways” slots that allow you to win on any pattern of matching symbols – the visual style of the games is strikingly similar.

Every NetEnt slot features a sharp, clean interface that looks modern and presents tons of information without feeling cluttered. In most of their games, the art style is sharp and stylistic. The informational area at the bottom of each slot is very similar on all of their games, allowing you to easily adjust your betting options or change the coin value (often ranging from €0.01 to €0.50). Most games also have a “feature preview” that allows you to see what the bonus round is all about before you start playing.

Let’s take a quick look at Blood Suckers to give you a better idea of what I mean. Blood Suckers is a five-reel, 25-line slot machine that includes plenty of dark and mysterious vampires. In this game, players may bet up to four coins on each line, allowing for up to 100 coins (or €50) to be wagered on each spin.

As in most NetEnt games, you’ll find the classic wild and scatter symbols on the reels, with three or more scatter symbols earning you ten free spins. Another common feature on NetEnt slots is the bonus symbol that activates a special bonus round; in Blood Suckers (and most other games), you’ll need to match three in a row on any active payline to gain access to the bonus game. On this particular slot, you’ll play a pick ‘em style game where you open coffins hoping to slay vampires and earn prizes. Many other NetEnt bonus games also use this format, adjusted to make sense for the theme of each game.

Most Popular NetEnt Slots: Scarface

For all the good things you can say about their slot machines, NetEnt isn’t big on high-end graphics or licensed games. Most of their machines simply provide straightforward slot machine action, choosing to focus solely on gameplay and not on presentation or other ways to drawing in players with unique themes.

But that’s not true in every case. One notable departure from this formula comes from Scarface, one of the newest machines featured at NetEnt casinos. Scarface is based on the classic movie of the same name, and delivers just about everything you’d expect to find in a slot machine about the film.

In the Scarface slot game, you’ll follow along with Tony Montana and the other main characters from the film. They appear not only as the symbols that you’re tasked with matching during gameplay, but also in video and sound clips ripped straight from the film. Scarface also features three different forms of stacked wild symbols that not only have the potential for making some huge wins, but can also access bonus rounds.

These bonus rounds include the obligatory free spins game, but there’s also an incredibly fun second screen bonus round that recreates the climactic scene from the end of Scarface. In this game, players must fight off hordes of attackers for as long as possible in an attempt to win bonus credits. This game combines some great nostalgia from the film itself (including video clips), the potential for big rewards, and even the opportunity for players to employ some strategic decision-making to make it one of the best bonus games I’ve played in any online slot.

Scarface Slot

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NetEnt Progressive Slots Jackpots

NetEnt casinos offer players the chance to win lots of different progressive jackpots. Some of these games are local jackpots that are different depending on which casino you’re playing in, and tend to be fairly small. On the other hand, there are also some linked jackpots that exist across the NetEnt network, and these are often among the largest in the industry.

While the Arabian Nights jackpot is the largest at the time of this writing (over €7 million, or more than £5.5 million), the premier jackpot from NetEnt is definitely the one attached to Mega Fortune. In this game, players will have the chance to play for the jackpot if they can match three bonus symbols in a row on the first three reels.

This leads the player to the Mega Fortune Bonus Wheel, which consists of three different wheels. Starting on the outside wheel, players spin to either be awarded prizes, or move into the next wheel, which holds larger prizes. On the second wheel, players have the potential to win the small Rapid Jackpot, or move on to the third wheel. On that final wheel, players can win some huge prizes, take down the Major Jackpot (worth thousands of Euros), or hit the Mega Jackpot.

As I said earlier, that Mega Jackpot is one of the world’s largest online slots prizes. Recently, a Norwegian student hit the jackpot to win a prize of more than €11.7 million (£9.3 million), and several other players have instantly become millionaires by playing Mega Jackpot!

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