The Curious Machine

Have you ever wanted to travel through time? That’s the fantastic adventure in store for you in Miles Bellhouse and his Curious Machine, better known as “The Curious Machine.” It’s one of the newest games by Betsoft, and if offers players plenty of time-travelling fun. With a number of different bonus features and a fun theme, the Curious Machine slot machine is one of the more entertaining games to come along at Betsoft in some time.

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How to Play The Curious Machine

The Curious Machine is a five-reel, 30-line slot machine that’s available at all Betsoft casino sites. The game is a part of the Betsoft 3D slots line of machines, meaning that you can expect sharp graphics and plenty of animated sequences. Players can choose from several different coin denominations, and may wager up to five coins on each line.

The object of the game is to match identical symbols on your active paylines, with only matches from left to right counting as wins. The game’s symbols – seven in all – are a mix of blueprints, controls, and other devices related to the game’s time travel theme. More valuable wins are reserved for the game’s many characters, such as General Traytor and Miles’ trusty robot companion, Gizmo. Finally, there’s Miles Bellhouse himself offering the largest prizes, with five of him earning you 500 credits for every coin you wagered.

If you’re familiar with many other Betsoft machines, you know that they don’t always conform to the standard rules of most online slots, and many don’t contain a standard wild or scatter symbol. But the Curious Machine does at least have a wild symbol: a vortex that will substitute for any regular symbol in order to form winning combinations. Of course, nothing is quite that simple, and this symbol also features in one of the game’s many special features.

The Curious Machine Bonus Features

There are several bonus games and special features found throughout the Curious Machine. These range from second screen games to free respins, along with a classic double-or-nothing game.


I mentioned earlier that the vortex symbol serves as this game’s wild symbol. However, if even that wild isn’t enough to score you a win, the vortex will cause all of the symbols adjacent to it to spin around, rearranging themselves and potentially creating winning combinations. There are no guarantees here, but it’s always fun to see the symbols swirl around an attempt to grant you a win.


The Curious Machine definitely isn’t short on second chances. If you finish a spin without winning, there’s always a random possibility that you might get a second chance with a free respin of a single reel. However, it’s important to note that this feature is only active if you are playing all 30 paylines.


Every time travel adventure needs a few dinosaurs! If you manage to hit three or more dinosaur symbols anywhere on the reels on a given spin, you’ll activate a free spins feature. Throughout this game, you’ll be given the opportunity to win big thanks to a random multiplier that changes on each spin. This multiplier can range anywhere from 1x to 5x.


Betsoft’s 3D games are known for their second screen bonus rounds, and Travel Through Time is a perfect example. If you hit three of the bonus symbols (they look like a control panel with a light shining above), you’ll trigger a bonus round in which you’ll get to watch Miles and Gizmo attempt to evade General Traytor. At the end of the game, you’ll be awarded with a prize of bonus credits.


After any winning spin, you’ll have the chance to play the classic gamble game, where you have a 50/50 chance of doubling your money. The game is, of course, entirely optional, so there’s no need to play it if you’re happy with what you’ve won already. If you do choose to play, Gizmo will hide a coin in one of his two hands. Find the coin, and your winnings are doubled; pick the wrong hand, and you lose everything you’ve won on that spin.

The Curious Machine

Other Notes on The Curious Machine

The Curious Machine is one of the more whimsical games Betsoft has produced. The steampunk time travel theme is a whole lot of fun, and it’s entertaining to see all of the various devices and machines working in the background as you play. I loved that each of the bonus games had something to do with the theme of the game, with The Vortex being an especially inventive way of using the time travel theme. If you’re a fan of time travel stories and enjoy playing a variety of bonus features to help break up the monotony of slots play, you’ll love the Curious Machine.