The Mummy

The Mummy Slot

Though it’s been a few years since a movie related to the franchise has been released, you’re probably familiar with The Mummy series – the action/adventure films that feature treasure hunters battling mummies, usually in and around the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Given the popularity and longevity of the series, it shouldn’t be surprising that Playtech picked up a license to turn this franchise into a slot machine. The result is an incredible game that’s tons of funs to play, incorporates plenty of features from the films, and should entertain even those who have never see The Mummy before.

How to Play The Mummy Slots Game

The Mummy is a 25-line, five-reel slot machine that can be found at most Playtech casinos. Players have the option of wagering up to $5 (or £5) on each line, though much smaller amounts are also offered for players on a budget. The object of the game is to match identical symbols across your active paylines, and the more matches the better.

One of the first ways you’ll notice that the machine uses aspects of the film is in the symbols on the reels. There are photographs of cast members like Brendan Fraser and The Rock, along with plenty of Egyptian-themed symbols like scarabs. Add to these a few items an adventurer might find handy when battling an evil mummy (a gun, for instance), and you have a good mix of symbols that really evokes the feel of The Mummy series.

In addition, a wild mummy symbol can appear on the center three reels, substituting for any of your normal winning symbols. There’s also a scatter symbol (a movie logo) that can earn you a multiple of your total spin bet.

Special Features in The Mummy

But where you’ll really fall in love with The Mummy slot machine is in the game’s many special features. This game has some of the most innovative special features around, including at least one feature I’ve never seen before!


In order to activate the Mummy Hunt bonus round, you’ll have to hit the Mummy Hunt symbols on both the first and fifth reels. This will take you into an underground passage below a pyramid where you’ll need to hunt mummies. You’ll be presented with a choice between two doors, one of which leads to an ambush, and the other which will allow you to destroy one of the mummies. Each time you choose correctly, you’ll earn a prize of bonus credits; choose incorrectly, and the game will end.


You’ll trigger the Free Spins game if you can hit the free spins symbols on the first, third and fifth reels during the same spin. This game is a bit of a unique take on the free spins game, as you start with just five free spins. However, each time you hit a wild symbol (and there are more on the reels than normal during these spins), it is added to a running total of the number of wilds you have collected. At the end of your normal free spins, these collected wilds will all be placed on the reels simultaneously to create a super spin, which can often result in some massive wins.


While those games are fun, the real treasure in The Mummy is the Lost City Adventure Bonus. This randomly triggered game takes you to a second screen where you’ll see six crates. You’ll be allowed to click on crates to collect instant prizes until you hit the “collect” symbol, which will end the first part of the game.

Next, you’ll be presented with an unlocked feature that you can use during your normal spins. During gameplay, you’ll see a list of the unlocked features you’ll have available to you on the left side of the screen, and you’ll have the opportunity to choose whatever one you like before each spin. The features you could unlock to choose from are as follows:

• Scorpion Scatter: This adds extra Scorpion King scatter symbols to the reels, giving you more chances to win a scatter prize.

• Expanding Mummy: This feature turns the mummy wild symbol into an expanding wild that can cover the entire reel it appears on.

• Scarab Attack: If you’re using this feature and you hit a wild symbol on the third reel, you’ll randomly turn one symbol each wild on the 2nd and 4th reels.

• Collapsing Reels: This creates a feature seen in many other games, where winning combinations of symbols fall away after awarding prizes to allow new symbols to fall into place, potentially creating extra wins.

• Mummy Power: This turns the Mummy wild symbol into a 3x multiplier, greatly increasing the value of wild wins.

• Mummy Respin: When this feature is active, should you land a mummy wild symbol but fail to score a win, the wild symbols will lock into place and the reels will continue to respin until you win a prize.

Other Notes on The Mummy

There’s really not much more to say about The Mummy slot machine. It’s a great game that hits the perfect mix between staying true to the films it is based on and making sure to be a solid slot machine in its own right. The special features – especially those that you can choose to use on every spin – are incredibly fun, and there are so many ways to win extra cash that you’ll often be surprised to find out just how much you’ve won. Whether you’re a huge fan of The Mummy or just like slots with tons of features, I highly recommend this machine.