The Slotfather

The Slotfather Slot

The Slotfather is perhaps the most famous and popular of the Betsoft 3D slot machine games. This fun and engaging machine combines great graphics, fun bonus rounds and an awesome theme – an exploration of an underworld Italian crime family – to make for a truly entertaining game. Everything from the extensive animations to the humorous voice acting helps draw you into this slot machine – and the action in The Slotfather will keep you coming back for more.

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How to Play The Slotfather

The Slotfather is a 30-line, five-reel slot machine that can be found at casinos offering Betsoft’s line of 3D slots games. On this machine, players have the option of betting up to five coins on each line, with several different denominations of coin available to choose from.

The object of the game is to match as many identical symbols as possible from left-to-right across your active paylines. The Slotfather has a huge number of symbols for you to try matching; there are 11 that can instantly win you prizes, and that’s not even counting a few special symbols hidden among them. The prize-winning symbols range from newspapers and cigars to members of the Slotfather family, briefcases of money, and briefcases full of cash. While none of these symbols offer a jackpot-like prize, both of The Slotfather’s minions can earn you 200 credits per coin wagered if you match a full five of them. That may not seem very generous, but actually, most of the symbols offer similar prizes, which means that while you may not win many huge scores, you’ll get a lot more reasonably big wins.

One of the things you may first notice when playing The Slotfather is the lack of a few common symbol types on the reels. You won’t find a wild symbol, nor is there a traditional scatter that can win you an instant prize. But this game makes up for a lack of such symbols in style, offering a number of special bonuses that keep play entertaining and new.

The Slotfather Bonus Games

I counted a total of four different bonus games and special features in The Slotfather, each of which has a unique way of winning you some large prizes – often even larger than those available on the reels through normal play.


The first of these bonuses is pretty similar to a standard scatter, with a few minor twists. If you should hit three or more of the Underboss symbol on the same line, you’ll win a prize ranging from 50 to 200 credits. If you hit three Underboss symbols, you can also win a bonus prize if there are two of another high-value symbol paired with the Underboss, increasing your winnings even further.


A couple of these bonus games are triggered by unique combinations of different symbols which work together. First, there’s the Sneaky Instant Win game, which occurs when you pair Sammy “Quick Fingers” to the left or the right of the briefcase of money on the first three reels. When you hit this combination, you’ll watch Sammy slips his hand into the briefcase and pull out some money. That money becomes yours in the form of a prize of instant credits.


Another combination pairs Frankie “Da Fixer” with the Tommy Gun symbol. Should they appear side-by-side on any of the first three reels, you’ll gain access to the Multiplier Mob Free Spins game. Frankie will grab the gun and shoot it right at your computer screen, making several bullet holes in front of the reels. Your job is to click one of the bullet holes to reveal exactly what you’ve won. You’ll be given somewhere between five and 20 free spins, each of which will come with a multiplier of between 1x and 20x.


Despite all of the fun that can be had with these other games, the biggest prizes and most entertainment come in the Slotfather Bonus Round. This second screen bonus can be reached by hitting three Slotfather symbols on any active payline. When this occurs, you’ll be moved into a second screen game where you’ll see an overview of the Slotfather’s home city. From here, you’ll get to choose three businesses into which you’ll place one of the Slotfather’s famous slot machines.

Once you’re done making your choices, you’ll get to watch an animated sequence that takes place at the Slotfather’s favourite Italian restaurant. After being congratulated by the Slotfather and his henchmen for your hard work, you’ll receive your reward: the profits from the slot machines that you placed. These will be awarded to you in the form of instant bonus credits.

The Slotfather

Final Thoughts on The Slotfather

I mentioned at the beginning of this review that one of the things I really love about The Slotfather is the atmosphere the game creates. While this can be said of a lot of Betsoft’s 3D games, the success of this particular game goes beyond simply having some very slick animations, sharp graphics and fun bonus games.

It’s when you combine all those classic Betsoft factors with a great theme that you really get a classic game – and that’s exactly the case with The Slotfather. This machine truly creates a world for these underworld characters to live in, and then brings that world to life through music, voice acting, animated scenes and more. That’s not something that a lot of players appreciate, but you’ll be surprised at just how much more fun you have in a game that tries this hard to be more than just another game.

If you want to have fun when you play with a slot machine, you will absolutely love The Slotfather. Granted, the lack of any jackpot or very high paying symbols won’t be to everyone’s taste; there are plenty of ways to win, but you’ll rarely find yourself winning enough to retire on a single spin. That means that if you’re a jackpot hunter, this isn’t the game for you. On the other hand, just about everyone else should check out this game, if only to get acquainted with the characters and setting. Once you play a few spins, chances are that you’ll have too much fun to stop!