Top Five Superhero Slots for Summer

The Incredible HulkNext week will see the launch of possibly the hottest online slot machine of the summer: Microgaming’s Batman: The Dark Knight. Featuring characters, video and images from the recent hit Dark Knight movies, it should be a great lead-in for the Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, sit to hit theatres in July.

But that’s far from the only great superhero slot machine available at online casinos. Since summer is traditionally the time for big, blockbuster superhero films, it also seems like a great time to talk about some of the biggest and most entertaining superhero slot machines on the market today. Here’s a look at some of the best superhero slots you can play right now while you’re waiting for The Dark Knight to arrive!

X-Men (Playtech)

The X-Men slot machine has some of the best thematic elements of any online superhero slot. It’s a true battle between the heroes and the villains, with all of the biggest names from the X-Men universe making appearances. You’ll find yourself on the side of the X-Men if you should reach the free spins game, as the heroes can grant you unlimited free spins! This game (and the next one on our list) also feed into the great Marvel Progressive Jackpot, giving you the chance to win big on any spin.

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The Incredible Hulk (Playtech)

If you watched the recently released Avengers movie, you know just how vicious and destructive The Incredible Hulk can be. But he’s still a hero who tries (and more often than not, succeeds) at fighting on the right side of epic battles. In this game, you’ll not only get to see some monstrous Hulk expanding wilds, but also get to do a bit of smashing yourself, as the bonus game will have you attacking cars and helicopters to earn bonus spins.

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Hellboy (Microgaming)

Hellboy is a rather unique superhero. Not only is he the only Dark Horse Comics figure to appear on this list, but he’s also a demon – not the type of guy usually known for being helpful to humanity. His slot machine is a pretty basic five-reel game, but it has some very entertaining features, including a second-screen game known as the Underworld Bonus where you’ll be hunting down a powerful artefact – winning some major bonus prizes along the way.

Superman (WagerLogic)

Superman is perhaps the most famous and beloved superhero of all time, so of course we’re going to recommend at least one game featuring Supes. This game definitely draws its inspiration from the Superman comic books, and features all of your favourite characters, including Lois Lane and Lex Luthor. It also utilizes a very cool “Bonus Bet” feature that can grant you access into the “Save the World” feature, which pits the Man of Steel in a race against top to stop Lex Luthor’s latest plan.

Batman (WagerLogic)

While The Dark Knight will take Batman slot machines to a whole new level, it’s certainly not the first game based on Gotham’s greatest hero. In this game, the Caped Crusader does battle with his most popular enemy, The Joker. Like the Superman slot, there’s a bonus bet option that unlocks additional special features, including a game called Descent into Madness, where Batman must battle inmates at Arkham Asylum.