True Illusions

True Illusions Slot

There’s something really special about a great stage magician. The way they can perform incredible tricks for a captive audience is truly something to behold, and every good magician seems to have some unique twists on classic tricks to keep audiences on their toes.

True Illusions is a slot machine by Betsoft that attempts to capture the excitement of a traditional stage magician’s show. You’ll see plenty of fun tricks, lots of illusions, and even a beautiful assistant that helps make the show complete. But in this act, every trick ends the same way: with you winning some huge cash prizes!

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How to Play True Illusions

True Illusions is a 30-line, five-reel slot machine that’s available everywhere you can play Betsoft slot machines. This game features several different five different coin denominations, and with the ability to wager up to five coins on each line, you’ll have plenty of control over how much you spend on each spin.

The object of True Illusions is to match three or more of the same prize-winning symbols across your active paylines. There are eight different magical symbols that are capable of instantly winning you some prizes. You’ll find magic hats, crystal balls, coins, mysterious chests and more. The biggest money winner is the magician’s assistant, who offers a prize of 500 credits for each coin wagered if you can hit five on the same payline.

There are also some special symbols you’ll want to watch out for during play. First, of course, there’s a wild symbol – easily identified, since it is simply a symbol with the word “wild” on it. This can substitute for any of your other normal symbols in order to complete winning combinations.

True Illusions Bonus Games

The wild symbol is also part of one of this game’s bonus features, as are the two other special symbols on the reels. There are a total of three special features in this game, each of which is designed to earn you some extra cash.


The wild symbol can appear on any reel, but you’ll find a set of stacked wilds on the third (or centre) reel. If you’re lucky enough to hit all three stacked wilds on the middle reel at the same time, those three wilds will remain locked for the next few spins. It’s possible for the wild reel to remain in place for up to seven spins. One thing to note, though: you can’t change the size of your bet in any way during this process, or you’ll forfeit your remaining wild reel spins.

True Illusions


There’s also a more conventional way to earn some free spins. Hit three or more of the magician symbol anywhere on the reels, and you’ll instantly earn a number of free spins. These free spins have a little bit of extra magic in them, as winning symbols will now vanish off the reels after your prizes are awarded, allowing new symbols to fall into place. This will continue happening until you have no winning combinations; your next free spin will begin only after this process ends.


This is a version of the classic “pick me” game that is commonly offered on Betsoft games. If you hit three or more of the playing cards symbols on the reels, you’ll have the opportunity to choose any one of these symbols. The one you select will reveal an instant prize of bonus credits that will be added to your account!

Other Opinions on True Illusions

You have to love the way True Illusions uses its theme to full advantage. Take too long to spin the reels, and you’ll see the stage magician do a few tricks for your amusement. Meanwhile, almost all of the animations in the game that appear when you win during a spin are based on classic magic tricks, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat or making a coin disappear.

The game doesn’t have a whole lot of special features, but the ones that are included definitely add a lot of value to the game. I especially enjoyed the stacked wilds feature, as having the opportunity to play several spins with a locked wild reel made for some big wins (especially if you play lots of paylines). The music and sound effects added to the atmosphere, especially since the illusionist himself will talk to you on occasion during the game. Overall, it’s a fun theme that’s well executed, even if it’s not quite as flashy as some of Betsoft’s other games.

If you loved magic when you were a kid (or still do now), you’ll enjoy playing True Illusions. There are enough special features and bonus games to always keep the game fun, making this slot machine a great addition to the Betsoft line-up.